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8M 2020

Year / 2020

That day we took the streets to demand safety and demand equality. 

Prior to a historic day where women were absent from public life to make visible our importance within society and the economy of the country.


My children, husband, and I talked about going to the march.

My daughter and I would march together. This would be our first feminist march.


When we arrived, we couldn't help but feel excited when we saw so many women, so many handkerchiefs, and posters.

I wanted to go out for my daughters, my mother, all the women in my family, and my friends. But mainly for those who are no longer here.


I got a lot of questions. Have we all been molested at some point in our lives?


The tour was uneventful. My daughter and I shouted, sang, hugged, surrounded by many more women. I took photos, I was silent.

A lump formed in my throat.


I am sure that in all of Mexico we made history. We all came together to demand justice. And left with the idea that together, we can do much more.

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